Oct 3, 2010

October Greeting

Time flies.I can't believe it's already October.
I didn't do anything but drawing last few weeks. I was a little tired of been postive so I just draw and draw and draw(and of coures, doing homework and taking classes.lol) I dreamed to be an artist when I was very young and wanted to become a manga painter when I was about 13. I still love drawing and painting and all the art stuff and still have a little hope that I could work as a illustrator in the future anyway. But if you tell a elder, such as your parents or teacher etc, that you want to become an artist as profession, they must tell you stop dreaming. Well. I didn't mean I just quit because others think I should focous on something more "important" or aim to get a normal job in the future. I'd love to be a writer now. Actually, I dream to be a writer since I was maybe 5 or 6. I write articals, essaies and novels. Some of my works had been post on the newspaper and I won the second place of a kind of big writing award last year. I love writting letters to friends and updating blogs as well.
I finished reading The swen Thief yesterday. It's a very fascinating novel about art and love.
And now I'm attrected by the TV seriesThe Vampire Diaries season 3.lol.

I'll back to the postive girl after weekend ends. No worries! 
Great news 1) I got my adorable ISE9 pals. I can start preparing a great scarf for my dear downlady and expecting who's my lovely uplady.lol.
Great news 2) I won the giveaway host by my favorite Gothic Lolita/Jpop Blogger La Carmina and a great Canada based Lolita/Gothic Clothing brand Gloomth.I already decied what to order with my gift card so there will be a blog post feature my gloomth-styled photo snap coming soon( I guess, if I'm not too busy working on my study or knitting scarf after my order landed.lol).
If you're finding the best costume for your Halloween look, Gloomth should be on the top of your considering list. Their cloths are all handmade in Canada and offering tailored order(or you can use the word couture.lol)

Big Love,

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