Sep 3, 2012

China Rose

China Rose, aka Chinese hibiscus is very beautiful and shows the spirit of summer.
I love it very much!
Lots of insular girls like to wear a China Rose on their hair to pair with their pretty dress during Summer.
I always want to have a China Rose hair accessory so I ordered some fake flower and make them hair clips.
The shape was not very good when the flower arrived. So I added some water on the flower and dry it while adjusting its shape.

Do you love flower hair accessories? I do!


Aug 10, 2012

[illustration]My first LEGEND

I started playing League of Legend the day before yesterday. Since I'm very new in the game, I knew almost nothing how to play. I didn't had played any game like this before.
My friend K says female player is very little amount in LOL. I'm not sure it's true or not but hmm.. now there's one more now. I think it's very hard for me:P
The server here is hosting a free Legend giveaway if you "Like" their facebook page then you can have a free Nunu or Trastana in your pick. I picked Nunu since I think he's cute. K said Nunu is good for beginner after I told him I have one. Still not sure. I'll keep posting after I try.
And here's my first illustration of LOL. Yeah, it's Nunu, simple ver. But it's not the very first I start drawing LOL inspired illustration. The first will be finished soon, I guess. lol.


Jul 24, 2012

The Darkness

     Well, my friend Hugo wanted to challenge my graphic skill last night. He asked me to draw him a white cross covered with sin that he was inspired by a movie. It's a very big challenge for me since my graphic styles are always sweet and cute. I complaned, then he said, "well, you don't must have to draw this." But I decide to do this challenge anyway.
This is what I have for this challenge.
I don't think it's good enough. But it's my limite so far. lol
I'll try my best to develop my skill to different style I'm not go at.

I did a little photoshop with my hand drawing.
It's totally anti-me:D

Hope you like the illustration today!
Any comments are welcomed:)


Jun 25, 2012

Twinkle Twinkle, costumed hair clips

Recieved a photo from my adorable friend and customer Sunny today:)
She promoted the Star Hairclips I costumed made for her.
She loves it and I think they looks great on her!
The set contains a bigger star and a daily sized star.
Perfect for Lolita, alternative style, party style or just pair it with your daily outfit!
I'm soooo happy that Sunny like them.

For a designer or creater, the happiness thing on earth is there're anyone else loves your work.
I'm greatful that I have a little fans of my works:)
To look them love the stuff they order from me and put them to good use, I feel that I'm finally someone worth living.

If you're finding some unique stuff to finish your style, please check back for more hand made creature:) If you have any questions on making crafts, or want to order some unique stuff just designed for you, feel free to leave me a message:)

Today is my first day of Summer Vacation!


Jun 18, 2012

Not My Graduation Yet. (and Win a postcard if you want!)

Last Saturday was our university's graduation ceremony.
I ware Lolita outfit that day:)
There was a special market host my some art class students, and I was one of them.
We sold postcard designed by ourselves.

I'd love to talk about my outfit first.
Several years ago I bought the cute denim styled bodice I was wearing
But don't have a chance to wear it. Well, I bought it just because I want it.
And I didn't think of whether I have a chance to wear it or not.

And finally:)
I came up with the idea to match it with Lolita style.
And I think it turned out kinda well.
Not best, but not bad. lol

Simlply wear a T shirt I got at local store.
The bodice is from the UK brand no romeo.
I got the baby blue afternoon tea skirt online.
Alice in Wonderland pattern overknee socks are from online shop as well.
And I was wearing a white Lolita shoes.
The Bow HD is made by myself.

And This is the bag I carried that day.
Envelope bag (aka Letter bag.)
Hand made by myself too:)
Chocolate colored chamois leather(fake, not real, but high quality:D)
 I personally love it very much.

Finally the postcard!
Our group theme is DESK and SEAT
here's my postcard:)
I named it A Seat To Remember.

Since I have couple of them left, I'd love to host a mini giveaway.
If you'd love to have this postcard in your mail.
Just simply leave me a comment include your email.
Tell me a memory of your studenthood, best include the dest or seat.
(eg, the story of the girl who seat in front of me,etc.)

I'll random draw a person and send the postcard to he/her (stemped.)
It's opend for world wild friends, closed at 7/15, 2012.
(ps. The photo was just a simple, I use better paper to print it:D)

Have a nice day everyone:)


Jun 11, 2012

Working on something :)

      There are lots of illustrations been hanged in front of my dest now. Well, few days ago, I read something and reminds me about the novel Hard Love written by Ellen Wittlinger. And I learned the knowledge about Zine from the novel. I think the world of zine is very amazing.
      But I didn't start doing one until now.
      I think is's harder than I think. lol. I knew it's not a easy thing but not until you do one by yourself, you would never now what kind of problem you're facing.
      I now come up with two different topics, not decide which to do first. So I keep drawing this whole weekend, for fun. I think if you didn't feel good and happy when you do something it's better not to. I feel very great these days while working on the pre-working zine illustrations. Infect, I was supposed to preparing for my final. But I need some happinese since I was getting too much pressure the past few weeks and I even got some desease. (But I almost recorverd now, finally)
My roommate S in her jeans. I like this one very much:)
I like this one as well. The sentense seems clueless:D
The girl is smiling but she said she's not the most popular and pretty one.
Sometimes you don't have to be best to be happy. Just be yourself!

I surfed on the internet about zine yesterday and found out although it's so called Internet Generation nowadays but there're still a big amount of people love to develop themselves by hand (and brand with soul).  There's a magazine called Zine World. I'm thinking of ordering it :)

Well, althouth I have no clue when my zine will come out but, if you have any comment (about zine or my illustrations) please let me know, thank you! And if you're interested in my zine, leave me a message with your email or mailing address, I'd love to info you when it comes out. If you give me a mailing address, I will info you with a postcard :)

I didn't decide to do a novel or essay type of zine or comic styled zine. They're both great.


May 1, 2012

Sewing Project: Gothic Lolita Skirt

Well, it've been a very long time I didn't blog here.
I determine myself today to update at last once a week, so here's it:) 
Today I'd love to share a project I did during winter vacation.
This was my very first time to sew a skirt.
The pattern's from a Gothic Lolita sewing magazine.
It's very hard. I almost brusted into tears when I did some part
But the skirt turned out very good, for a beginner of sewing clothes.

I'm wondering if you love to know more details?
About sewing or the lolita handmade or anything else.
Leave me comments if you have anything in mind. Thank you!

And here's a photo I styled my skirt.
The blouse is from Gloomth. It's their Pale Tuesday.
I loooooove it very much!

I wear my skirt very often:)

 And I got a very new Sweet Lolita sewing book yesterday!
That means there'll be more sewing project coming up.

Have a great day:)
Feel free to leave me messages or comments.
love ya!