Aug 10, 2012

[illustration]My first LEGEND

I started playing League of Legend the day before yesterday. Since I'm very new in the game, I knew almost nothing how to play. I didn't had played any game like this before.
My friend K says female player is very little amount in LOL. I'm not sure it's true or not but hmm.. now there's one more now. I think it's very hard for me:P
The server here is hosting a free Legend giveaway if you "Like" their facebook page then you can have a free Nunu or Trastana in your pick. I picked Nunu since I think he's cute. K said Nunu is good for beginner after I told him I have one. Still not sure. I'll keep posting after I try.
And here's my first illustration of LOL. Yeah, it's Nunu, simple ver. But it's not the very first I start drawing LOL inspired illustration. The first will be finished soon, I guess. lol.


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