Dec 19, 2010

Victorian Scarf for ISE9

Hey there! I was  busy focousing on my study and blog less the past monthes. I joined ISE8 and had a very great experience so when Leah decied to host the new round, I just had to sign in! It's so much fun to knit for someone and make new friends all around the world.
This is the scarf I made for my pal. I fall for the pattern the first time I saw it. Then I found a beautiful yarn. After I got the yarn I orderd, I tried several patterns but back to the first eventually. I didn't block it before taking these pics.

My friend Zeki came to visit me this weekend. Zeki is studying abroad at New Zealand and comes back for her summer break(yeah, summer!). When she saw this scarf, she said there's lots of people at New Zealand are great at knitting like this, but they're older. She thinks I'm strang to have knitting as my hobby at the age of 19. lol. But I'm still beyond good, there's still much to learn.
I chose this summer yarn from a local yarn seller since my pal is located at a not very cold place. It has a very beautiful name, Asian Beauty. The color is sky blue. 40g/104M. I use 7mm needles, knit two yarn together. The pattern is Victorian Scarf, free from knit picks
This is the first time I try laced pattern and summer yarn. I love this bamboo/cotton(60%/40%) mixed yarn very much! It's so smooth and comfy! I think it would be great to knit into a tank top or vest for hot summer days!
Enlarge the pattern! Now I'm going to warp the scarf!

I really had a great fun with my dearest friend Zeki this weekend. We can only met once or twice a year. But I'm planning a trip to New Zealand and visit her next Summer!!

Have a great day! Christmas is almost coming:)

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