Mar 12, 2011

My ISE9 Scarf

I know it's very late but here's my ISE9 scarf from my pal Karrie.
I'm not sure when the scarf was arrived actually but I opened it at the last day of 2010, to celebrite the coming 2011!I can't believe it's March now! Time flies...
The scarf was warpped in a very lovely blue and white checked warpping paper. There's a card and a little collection of lovely buckles. I love them so much. Still thinking of where to use them....
And here comes the scarf! What can I's my dream scarf! I always want to own a striped scarf in red and white but I didn't write it in the questionnaire. Karrie did it anyway. It's so amazing:) There are three buckles at ecah side of the scarf in differend theme,Valentine and Christmas. They make this cute scarf extra adorable. And I love the ruffles too! Thank you Karrie:)
There's an extra skein of yarn in beatuiful color called bluebird. Still finding a good pattern to knit:)

Forget to mention...Kerrie sewed a lovely red spotted febric at the back of the scarf! I never think of this way to design the scarf! It makes the scarf so unique and adorable!
Thanks my wonderful pal Karrie for preparing such great swap for me. And thanks my downstream pal, Lisa, who's very kind and patience. Last but not least, thank you the most wonderful host Leah, to gave as all a great experience of scarf exchange.

Can't wait for the brand new ISE10...what a perfect number!lol.


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