Mar 12, 2011


I finished some scarf in the past few months. Well, I should say...only two scarfs:)
This winter is very cold! Some of my friends asked me to knit a scarf in their order for them. I always love to do some custom craft for people who can't find their dream product in the store. It's the biggest happiness to see their smile after they receive the handmade stuff. Maybe I'll choose the job to do things like this in the
The first order is from my friend Eliza. She runs a shop selling fashion goods from Japan called NichiYO. NichiYo is the offical agent of the adorable Japanese School clothing brand Candy Sugar here in Taiwan, which sells sweet designed school bags, shirts, skirt, socks and all the stuff high school need:) If you're no longer a high school girl, that's ok, you can still wear their item in your casual style. NichiYo can help customer all around the world ordering their dream product from Candy Sugar. If you need anything or has any question, feel free to e-mail them in English, Chinese or Japanese.
Well, back to the scarf. One day Eliza saw a very beautiful green scarf in a Korean drama. She loves it very much but can't find a similar one. So she asked me if I can knit one for her. I thought the scarf was knitted by something with angola but I picked 100% merion yarn du to the pattern I chose. I'm not sure which stitch was used in the original scarf, so I found the lovely stitch called Raspberry. It "looks like" the original one but I think it's not the one.
Raspberry's a very fun and beautiful pattern. I fall for it immediately. It took me four day to kint this scarf. And it was too beautiful that I don't want to send it to
I warpped it anyway. With a tag and card. Eliza sent me a message that she loves it!
I love the color!

The second order is from one of my net pal. She asked me to knit a pair of scarf for her and  her boyfriend. Well, it's a fun tesk. We decided to make double-sided, colorwork couble scarf. It's my first time to try double side knitting. Youtube videos helpped a lot. Thanks for those kind knitter to share!
I love this scarf so much! It's very warm and beautiful. This one is for "Boyfriend". I'm still working on the girlfriend one. The pattern's thames, free on Vogueknitting. Thanks vogueknitting!

I think it's time to knit some not-scarf work:) I'd love to start a socks or jecket project.

Have fun knitting everyone!
And pray for Japan!!! Please share your love to them!!


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