Mar 28, 2011

Spring Shell Comes

     Hello every one. It should be spring now but it've been very cold these days. I'm busy as usual but I did a little collection of my Spring looks for New Semester last week. I'm going to post it soon and it'll be the first style post here at atelier de ruban! So excited!
     I'm thinking of taking MFA in the US. It's one of my dream to study about art and design aboard. Hmmm... Actually, I dreamed to work for Disney or Pixar when I was little. I love drawing comics and my best friend and I set up a little club of comics, S comic studio. We really had a great fun then. But my mom wanted me to focous on my study when I was in the age of junior high. So I studied hard and got into a prestigious high school. And now I'm a university student double major in Economic and Language. I was scared, in fect. I don't like my life now because study is not what I'm good at. I had to work ten times harder then others to get good grades. I've talent in making hand made craft and designing.
     I'm scared that I'm forgetting the things I love. I'm going too far from my dream. And I found out lately that my old freind who set up the comic club with me is now studying for computer art that kind of things. I know I should do something. So I made up my mind to started parparing for my MFT study. But I have a question now. I wanted to work in the animation industry whan I was young but now I know I'm more interested in designing. I don't know which to choose. Animation is a dream I shared with my friend that I don't want to quit. It's always hard to make decision. Well, I still have some time to think since I still have two years to complete my college degree. I think I'll find my way soon:)
     And here are some snaps for the looks I'm going to post soon. Hope you like them.

Have a greet new week!

With love,

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