May 9, 2011

Thames, Another double-sided Scarf

I fhinshed my second double-sided colorwork scarf few weeks ago. It took me about a month to fhinshed it since I was kinda busy this semester. But I love it so much!

This is paired with my last double-side color work scarf. I use the same pattern but in different colorway.
 I think they both came out good. These two are both ordered by one of my friend. This one is about 200cm long.

I think I fall for double-side Although you need more time to knit your scarf but the warmth would be doubled as well.  
I love this pattern but I don't want to knit it again since I already knit twice in a very short period. I'd love to try something else. There're too much beautiful pattern waiting me to knit!

Since these two colors are both light colors, it was driving me crazy to knit the pattern! But light gray and
aspic purple is really made for each other:D

The yarn's 50% merion(50g/110m) from a local yarn seller. I used 5.7mm needle to knit and used about 7 balls of yarn totally that means about 175g for each color. 

It's very hot lately but I still want to wear it and take a pic:)

My next project is also a double-sided scarf but I design the pattern this time:) It's a birthday gift for my firend Zeki! And I'll start the ISE10 project soon and progress them at the same time. The ISE10 project for my pal was already chosen and I have the yarn by hand as well. So excited!!!

Best wish for everyone and happy Mothers' Day !

with love,xo