May 1, 2012

Sewing Project: Gothic Lolita Skirt

Well, it've been a very long time I didn't blog here.
I determine myself today to update at last once a week, so here's it:) 
Today I'd love to share a project I did during winter vacation.
This was my very first time to sew a skirt.
The pattern's from a Gothic Lolita sewing magazine.
It's very hard. I almost brusted into tears when I did some part
But the skirt turned out very good, for a beginner of sewing clothes.

I'm wondering if you love to know more details?
About sewing or the lolita handmade or anything else.
Leave me comments if you have anything in mind. Thank you!

And here's a photo I styled my skirt.
The blouse is from Gloomth. It's their Pale Tuesday.
I loooooove it very much!

I wear my skirt very often:)

 And I got a very new Sweet Lolita sewing book yesterday!
That means there'll be more sewing project coming up.

Have a great day:)
Feel free to leave me messages or comments.
love ya!



  1. Hi Wendy,

    I know this is rather a random comment, but I have to ask this! I found that sewing magazine on Etsy, and then I really wanted to buy it. But when I searched for it on google, I found out that Japanese sites sell it way cheaper. Then I searched a little bit more and found your site. I actually don't know what to do, but really want this magazine as I want to start sewing my own clothes. I'm sorry I just found your site and don't know anything about it (even though I really love your skirt!).

    May I be rude and ask where you bought the magazine?



    1. Dear Claire,
      Hi and thanks for your comment:)
      It's always fine to ask me and questions!
      Since I live in Taiwan, I order this magazine on our own online bookstore. Of coures Japanese sites would have best price of this magazine since the mag was origanlly published in Japan so they don't have extra fee of selling this book eg, expansive internationl postage. But if you live outside Japan and want to order books from Japan sites, you have to pay more.
      And the magazine was written all by Japanese, so if you can't read Japanese, it would be a little difficult for you to start your project. If you can, that'll be great:)
      I know some sites share free Lolita sewing pattern, but they're in Chinese. If you'd love to know, leave me a comment:)

      If you have more questions like ordering this sewing magazine or sewing or lolita or whatever else, maybe you could write me an email and I can answer you more clearly!