Jun 11, 2012

Working on something :)

      There are lots of illustrations been hanged in front of my dest now. Well, few days ago, I read something and reminds me about the novel Hard Love written by Ellen Wittlinger. And I learned the knowledge about Zine from the novel. I think the world of zine is very amazing.
      But I didn't start doing one until now.
      I think is's harder than I think. lol. I knew it's not a easy thing but not until you do one by yourself, you would never now what kind of problem you're facing.
      I now come up with two different topics, not decide which to do first. So I keep drawing this whole weekend, for fun. I think if you didn't feel good and happy when you do something it's better not to. I feel very great these days while working on the pre-working zine illustrations. Infect, I was supposed to preparing for my final. But I need some happinese since I was getting too much pressure the past few weeks and I even got some desease. (But I almost recorverd now, finally)
My roommate S in her jeans. I like this one very much:)
I like this one as well. The sentense seems clueless:D
The girl is smiling but she said she's not the most popular and pretty one.
Sometimes you don't have to be best to be happy. Just be yourself!

I surfed on the internet about zine yesterday and found out although it's so called Internet Generation nowadays but there're still a big amount of people love to develop themselves by hand (and brand with soul).  There's a magazine called Zine World. I'm thinking of ordering it :)

Well, althouth I have no clue when my zine will come out but, if you have any comment (about zine or my illustrations) please let me know, thank you! And if you're interested in my zine, leave me a message with your email or mailing address, I'd love to info you when it comes out. If you give me a mailing address, I will info you with a postcard :)

I didn't decide to do a novel or essay type of zine or comic styled zine. They're both great.


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