Jun 18, 2012

Not My Graduation Yet. (and Win a postcard if you want!)

Last Saturday was our university's graduation ceremony.
I ware Lolita outfit that day:)
There was a special market host my some art class students, and I was one of them.
We sold postcard designed by ourselves.

I'd love to talk about my outfit first.
Several years ago I bought the cute denim styled bodice I was wearing
But don't have a chance to wear it. Well, I bought it just because I want it.
And I didn't think of whether I have a chance to wear it or not.

And finally:)
I came up with the idea to match it with Lolita style.
And I think it turned out kinda well.
Not best, but not bad. lol

Simlply wear a T shirt I got at local store.
The bodice is from the UK brand no romeo.
I got the baby blue afternoon tea skirt online.
Alice in Wonderland pattern overknee socks are from online shop as well.
And I was wearing a white Lolita shoes.
The Bow HD is made by myself.

And This is the bag I carried that day.
Envelope bag (aka Letter bag.)
Hand made by myself too:)
Chocolate colored chamois leather(fake, not real, but high quality:D)
 I personally love it very much.

Finally the postcard!
Our group theme is DESK and SEAT
here's my postcard:)
I named it A Seat To Remember.

Since I have couple of them left, I'd love to host a mini giveaway.
If you'd love to have this postcard in your mail.
Just simply leave me a comment include your email.
Tell me a memory of your studenthood, best include the dest or seat.
(eg, the story of the girl who seat in front of me,etc.)

I'll random draw a person and send the postcard to he/her (stemped.)
It's opend for world wild friends, closed at 7/15, 2012.
(ps. The photo was just a simple, I use better paper to print it:D)

Have a nice day everyone:)


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